Turn your iPhone or iPad into a Fashion Sketchbook

Ideas come up all the time. Registering them instantly in our inseparable mobile devices has become a habit and those who work, study and breathe fashion know that our ideas are not written but sketched!

A real Sketching Experience

With the help of our templates, you can accomplish your fashion design in a quick and efficient way, without constant concerns about body proportions or scale. Our templates have been developed with internal guidelines that provide users a fast notion of symmetry and darts positioning.

All templates are presented in a 3-way view: side, front and back. Turn the templates on and off at any moment to see the development of your ideas. Store, send or share your design in one click!

Prêt-à-template is a sketchbook with unlimited pages and no paper wasted! Have your drawing supplies with you all the time: subscribe to get access to a variety of templates and patterns (new ones added regularly), color palettes and more.

Use your fingers, stylus pens (not digital) or the apple pencil’s pressure and elevation sensitivity on your ipad pro, and be amazed by our many realistic brushes!


A Teaching Tool

Prêt-à-Template is also a teaching tool: instead of using the blackboard to show the development of fashion designs, you can connect the iPad or iPhone (with a VGA cable or AirPlay) on the projector of your classroom and present all the process live, showing even small details to a large number of students.


Subscribe to have access to all our design tools as well as to contribute to the development of the Prêt-à-Template project, receiving regular updates of new content such as new features, templates and patterns!