Carolina Reis

This is a very special post:

it will show the work of a former student who was part of the class of fashion illustration which came across the idea of the Prêt-à-Template`s project there in 2011!


Carolina Reis was part of the beginning as a student and now returns in Prêt-à-Template`s life as a super talented professional colleague to show her illustrations full of personality:

IMG_02334Her style blended from Barton`s spell and Amy `s appeal which assemble the concept of her brand:


Launched last fall, the brand, that bears her name , has a peculiar style leading the evolution of pin-ups throughout history!


Last week I had asked her to send me some pictures to show the evolution of her drawings to publish in here in Prêt-à-Blogger, and she ended up sending us an amazing video showing step by step an illustration made with Prêt-à-Template App:

Thank you Carolina for sharing your experience of illustrating in our App, we are glad to have you in Prêt-à-Template`s life!




As the title suggests this post we will talk about a friend who we met at Instagram, but this time our friendship was beyond the virtual.

As you know we’ve been in NY for Fashion Week last September (SS2015) …

Trips are always time to meet people! And residents are those which can give information about the city that only those who live it knows ….

Days before our arrival we write to some illustrators we follow on Instagram (based in NYC).

In our meeting Marta has won us by giving the most amazing welcome gift:


A beautiful illustration referring to our App Prêt-à-TEmplate!

We were thrilled from the start with this girl! And yes She is simply amazing!

Marta shows the true soul of the city in just few hours we where together! We also learned about her career as a fashion designer, fashion stylist , and now as Fashion Illustrator,  she told us about her new approach of illustration-colage what she calls  Paper Art, and you can follow her creative process on her Instagram:

8 9 6 7 4 5Definitly is an artist to follow …

Thank you Marta for the care and friendship you definitely conquered the entire Team…


Fashion Design Student From Bogotá

It was in the very first drawings sent we perceive the identity in the work of  Brenda Lozano Mendoza, a 20 years old fashion student from Colombia (Bogota).

la foto 2

She tells us that at age 15 she already have created her own brand: Jasny Kobiet (instragram @jasnykobiet).

la foto 4 la foto 3 la foto 1

We fell in love the lightness and softness of her illustrations made in our App!
Thanks Brenda for sharing your work with us!


Trois Design

This time the social media which brought me this talented friend was Facebook: Rogéria Maciel added me about two weeks ago… I figured her contact was through the App, and I was right: as soon as I checked her timeline I was surprised by an awesome drawing of her done in our App:


Again Prêt-à-template was bringing me another amazing story to tell: Rogéria graduated in architecture, she tell us that her drawings were always  kind of “sketch-style” even applied in architecture works  aye free hand!

This love for sketches is possible to notice from her current work: Eight years ago she and her partner Lizeth Luz  decided to open an accessories company called Trois Design, the brand offers a conceptual design of accessories apply in rings, bracelets and necklaces, and she use her iPad to draw her ideas or to give blog tips of fashion advices!





Amazing work Rogéria! We will keep improving our app to  be always parto of  Trois  life!

“FOR THE LOVE OF ILLUSTRATIONS” – a friend from Mumbai

This post will introduce an other Prêt à Template`s friend: a special girl called Sana Karim. We had meet in Instagram around one month ago… She surprise us with her post of colorful illustrations made in our App:


Sana had studied  fashion in Dubai And had worked as a fashion merchandiser for 4 years at a high fashion embroidery house in India: “I have made the embroideries of the recent collection of Matthew Williams , McQueen , stella McCartney… “  But what  touch us more was her will of making her own Project for the Love of illustrations, in our  exchange of e-mails she tells us:  “I have always made garments for others and i was kinda tired doing it i wanted to create stuff of my own as well. So i quit and i have started working on my own project! Plus i absolutely love illustrations ! Its soooo crucial to any design and its a peek into the mind of the designer. The illustration alone can tell you loads about the designer and his abilities , at least thats what i believe.”

image-4 image-3 image-2

I (Beta) personally was very much touch by her words because my story is very similar:  Prêt-à-Template is a personal Project idealized 2 years ago when I was working for a very important fashion company… now I am here telling the stories of amazing people from all over the world which were placed in my path through Prêt-à-Template

I end this post with the same sentence I wrote to Sana:

“The perfect job does not exist we must create it”