“FOR THE LOVE OF ILLUSTRATIONS” – a friend from Mumbai

This post will introduce an other Prêt à Template`s friend: a special girl called Sana Karim. We had meet in Instagram around one month ago… She surprise us with her post of colorful illustrations made in our App:


Sana had studied  fashion in Dubai And had worked as a fashion merchandiser for 4 years at a high fashion embroidery house in India: “I have made the embroideries of the recent collection of Matthew Williams , McQueen , stella McCartney… “  But what  touch us more was her will of making her own Project for the Love of illustrations, in our  exchange of e-mails she tells us:  “I have always made garments for others and i was kinda tired doing it i wanted to create stuff of my own as well. So i quit and i have started working on my own project! Plus i absolutely love illustrations ! Its soooo crucial to any design and its a peek into the mind of the designer. The illustration alone can tell you loads about the designer and his abilities , at least thats what i believe.”

image-4 image-3 image-2

I (Beta) personally was very much touch by her words because my story is very similar:  Prêt-à-Template is a personal Project idealized 2 years ago when I was working for a very important fashion company… now I am here telling the stories of amazing people from all over the world which were placed in my path through Prêt-à-Template

I end this post with the same sentence I wrote to Sana:

“The perfect job does not exist we must create it”