Draw is the first step of communicate a fashion idea – So here it is: Available on the Apple Store:

Prêt-à-Template for iPhone!!!:

The entire team of Prêt-à-Template and Belogik is thrilled to announce the launch of version 1.4!

This version consolidates a year of study and analysis on the use of the App launched in April 2014 ( iPad)!

For only U $ 3.99 you turn your iOS device into a Fashion Sketchbook:

iphone adv 1280x720

(downloading you will get: All the tools already configured to start drawing on a woman template! Also  benefits of:

* Not wasting paper;

* Finger touch (with no need to carry a variety of art supplies)

* Guidelines to help the rapid understanding of the body/goods proportions..

* Tools to simplify the representation of fashion design as sewing thread, buttons alignment, patterns, scissors and mirroring, among others.

* Zooming – for details

* Draw overlays without material accumulation

* Copy your sketch and create another idea on the top of it.

* Make tracings tests with the possibility of always go back (without having to use the eraser)

* Easy to send/share and file…

(Recalling that: the users who have downloaded the iPad in earlier versions can download the App on their iPhone for free (Warning: do not forget to do the “restore purchase” on the Template and Pattern Store)

Any questions on how to use the App Prêt-à-Template just check our “sketch tutorial