Trois Design

This time the social media which brought me this talented friend was Facebook: Rogéria Maciel added me about two weeks ago… I figured her contact was through the App, and I was right: as soon as I checked her timeline I was surprised by an awesome drawing of her done in our App:


Again Prêt-à-template was bringing me another amazing story to tell: Rogéria graduated in architecture, she tell us that her drawings were always  kind of “sketch-style” even applied in architecture works  aye free hand!

This love for sketches is possible to notice from her current work: Eight years ago she and her partner Lizeth Luz  decided to open an accessories company called Trois Design, the brand offers a conceptual design of accessories apply in rings, bracelets and necklaces, and she use her iPad to draw her ideas or to give blog tips of fashion advices!





Amazing work Rogéria! We will keep improving our app to  be always parto of  Trois  life!