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Outline Layer

Tap outline layer icon to access the outline brush kit. Change line appearances to freeform, sewing lines, straight paths, button lines or sketch.

Filling Layer

Tap fill layer icon to access the fill brush kit and pattern gallery to color your sketch.

Photo Layer

Snap a photo or add an image to your project. Trace over it, take notes and get inspired!

Hide/Show Layers

You can turn layers on and off by tapping the eye tag or long pressing the layer icon you wish to hide.


Use the eraser tool when you wish to erase all layers at once.

Erase by Layer

To erase a single layer, use the pencil eraser in the brush kit of each layer.


All brushes and erasers are size-adjustable. Drag the slider to increase/decrease the brush tip size.


Duplicate an area by selecting it with the scissor tool. Pinch to zoom in, zoom out or rotate the duplicated content.


Mirror a duplicated area by tapping the mirror icon. Position the image and tap to set it.

Color Palettes

Try our predefined standard, skin, hair and makeup color palettes to quickly access a selection of colors while drawing.


Record your screen as you draw by tapping the camera icon. Tap it again to finish and save your recording.


Tap the icons to undo or redo actions. You can also slide two fingers left or right to undo or redo.

Pin Images

Add as many images to your project as you want and use them as reference. You can type in notes and even create custom color palettes from images.

Hide Templates

Adjust template transparency or hide it completely at any time by dragging the slider.

Puzzle Look

Dress body templates with our ready-to-wear clothing templates. When you’re done, tap pencil icon to draw.


Co-create with your contacts! Send them a project on iMessage and they’ll be able to open it on Prêt-à-Template on their own device or make quick notes on iMessage.


Send your sketches as stickers on imessage and impress your friends!